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Lost cost counselling, affordable counselling, reduced fee therapy

Low Cost Counselling

Green Chair Counselling Service understands the financial pressures that people may be facing so private therapy may not be as easily accessible for everyone.


We're delighted to be able to offer low cost counselling via our highly skilled trainee therapists for £35 per 50 minute session, which is half our full cost fee. Half the cost certainly doesn't mean half the skills. Our trainee therapists are all on accredited courses and working towards their full qualifications as Psychotherapists. They are all student members of accredited Psychotherapy governing bodies, abiding by the same ethical code our fully qualified therapists do.

If you're over the age of 18 and would like to discuss our low fee therapy service, please speak to our director Lauren for an informal chat.

Low cost counselling St Albans

Alicia Dubberley - trainee counsellor

My name is Alicia Dubberley and I am training to be an integrative counsellor.


I have always found it fulfilling to help and guide others to better be able to work through their problems. From a young age, at school, I would take part in mentoring programs helping younger or more disadvantaged students. Mentoring was something I carried into my working life, often being the designated buddy for new starters, offering training and advising them until they came into their own.


I then started to volunteer for ‘Shout Crisis helpline’ and it was this that led me to pursue a counselling career. I helped people feel heard and this is something I wanted to follow. I wanted to use my non-judgemental and empathetic approach to help people more long-term.

I am available for sessions on Saturday's from 10am-1pm costing £35 each.

Affordable Counselling St Albans

Maisie Hogg - trainee counsellor

My name is Maisie Hogg and I am training to become a fully qualified therapist, specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. I hold a certificate in Counselling Skills and Ethics, a Diploma in CBT/REBT and I am currently studying for my Advanced Diploma in CBT/REBT.


I chose to pursue a career as a therapist because I have always found it incredibly easy to connect and communicate with people. My approachable nature has allowed me to build strong, empathetic relationships with those around me, and I've come to realise the profound impact that genuine, compassionate conversations can have on an individual's well-being.


It's not just about talking, but truly listening and understanding. I am driven by a deep desire to help people navigate their emotional challenges and find their own paths to healing and personal growth. The fulfilment I get from supporting others in their journeys towards a happier, healthier life is what motivates me to become a therapist, where I can provide the guidance and support that individuals need during their most vulnerable moments.

I am available for sessions on Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm costing £35 each.

Affordable Counselling St Albans

Emily Greenaway - trainee counsellor

I am currently in my final year of studies, working towards my Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I am studying the Integrative Model, as I understand that different methods and approaches are needed depending on clients’ situations and individual circumstances.


My personal life experiences led me to pursue my counselling studies, and has brought out a desire to work with those seeking clarity, support, and help, at a time in their lives when they need it most.


I understand the need for, and aim to deliver a respectful, non-judgmental, warm environment to help clients explore and cope with the problems that brought them to seek the support of a counsellor.


I am now in my final year placement and am eager to bring all I have learnt into practice, and help make a difference to the quality of people’s lives.

I am available for sessions on Monday's 6pm-9pm costing £35 each.

Affordable Counselling St Albans
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