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In-Person Therapy

In our office we offer daytime & evening appointments lasting 50 minutes in a safe & secure location for individuals and couples. Prior to starting therapy we'll have a 15 minute introduction call to discuss your needs and ensure that we're trained in that area. You can also ask any questions you may have. 

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Online Therapy

We're able offer appointments via online platforms. Online sessions also last 50 minutes. We can offer a mixture of both face to face and online sessions depending on your needs. If this is something you're unsure about please click here for some benefits & considerations of online therapy. 

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Young person Therapy

Childhood & adolescence is a really important time of our lives where lots of change happens. Sometimes it can feel really difficult to deal with but therapy can help. Therapy can be conducted  through face to face or online sessions and can also involve parents or caregivers as well as the young person.

Additional Resources

Green Chair Counselling Service is unable to provide a crisis, out of hours, service. If you're feeling in crisis and require immediate support please consider one of the below resources: 






In addition to this there are a number of additional resources we recommend to our clients, which you may find of interest - 


  • ASMR Videos (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) - visit YouTube and search for ASMR videos to explore what works for you

  • Podcasts - go to your podcast provider and search for Mental Health podcasts 


Green Chair Counselling Service takes no responsibility for any messages or advice given by the above services. These are recommendations only and are not affiliated with Green Chair Counselling Service in any way.  

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