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Considering Online therapy?

Online therapy has become more popular since the first UK lockdown in March 2020. It's allowed clients to potentially speak to therapists from all across the UK, rather than being solely based on their geographical location. 

Online therapy can feel a little different, compared to meeting a therapist in a face to face setting, so we've listed some benefits/ considerations below, that you may find useful:


  • You can select a therapist from anywhere in the UK

  • No travel time

  • You can select a more convenient time that suits you

  • Complete privacy - not seeing anyone else in our office

  • Access to session times may be more immediate compared to face to face appointments


  • Do you have a strong internet/ Wi-Fi signal?

  • Are you in a place where you won't be overheard or interrupted?

  • You may not have appropriate technology

  • How you may feel speaking to a therapist in your home

  • How you may feel seeing yourself on a screen

Please note that all online sessions are conducted on secure platforms that have end to end encryption for maximum safety, on our part. There are also some ethical considerations that we shall discuss with you, prior to starting online sessions to ensure suitability. This includes any safety concerns, as well as requiring parental/ guardian consent for clients aged under 16. If we do not feel online therapy is suitable for you, we shall discuss this with you and potentially discuss face to face appointments. Please also note that we only conduct online sessions with clients permanently living within the UK. 

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