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A different kind of conversation.......

Well where did January go? I've only just realised it's been nearly two months since my last blog post! I don't know about you but life has felt really hectic for me since Christmas that I haven't really felt my feet feel the floor. Personally I hate this - I feel like I am just existing, getting through each day and not recognising what's going on around me.

It's for this reason I decided to embark on going back to my therapist - "What"? I hear you say, yep therapists go to therapy too. I see my therapist on an ad hoc basis depending on how I feel. I first started seeing her around 6 years ago and had been seeing her regularly up until 2017 when I felt ready to cope more by myself, but I always knew I could see her as and when I needed to. It's a great feeling to know she's there as and when I need her.

It's always interesting for me to see my client's reactions when I mention I am in therapy - some are surprised and some don't even question it. So why do we react so differently? For those that know me both personally and professionally; I focus heavily on emotional responsibility and how we're each in charge of how we choose to think, feel & behave. This has been something that was taught to me in my first year of training and has stayed with me ever since, but I didn't know this beforehand. I often find this is one of the key differences between talking to a friend or family member compared to a therapist, they can help you discover more about yourself in a non-critical or judgemental way.

Having a chat with a friend is great, it can help strengthen your relationship, develop trust and be just what you need at the end of a long/ hard day. Friends can be there with a glass of wine, a good movie and a big hug to help you when you need them, but what if you need more? What if there is something niggling away at you that you can't put your finger on or feel you can't talk to them about?

So this got me thinking; why else see a therapist:

  • To learn more about yourself and human behaviour in general

  • To not face criticism - but still be challenged

  • To be confidential - I abide by a code of ethics that prevents me from talking about what we speak about meaning I can keep a secret!

  • To help you evaluate you and other people in your life - are you both good for each other?

  • To accept yourself for who you are

  • You can shut the door afterwards - for 50 minutes a week I am there for you; but then it's over and you can go back to your daily life and reflect on what is discussed in sessions

A lot of us wouldn't think anything of it to call up a friend if we needed to chat. As a therapist, whilst I can't provide that "call me any time" service I am there with a professional and attentive ear to offer you a different perspective on what's happening with the focus being solely focused on you. It's different but it's good.

I love the work therapists do and it offers us a unique perspective into our clients lives to help them make real emotional change to create even better, stronger relationships and I think it's worth celebrating. If you'd go to the doctor for a physical illness why wouldn't you go to a therapist for a mental issue? Let's break down barriers together and it all starts from having a different type of conversation. Change Starts Today!

Till next time

Lauren x

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