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We're all the same right? WRONG!

It's a common misconception that all therapy, and therefore all therapists, are the same. If that were true life would be boring wouldn't it? Or that only certain people can be helped. Well I am here to bust that myth!

Seeking therapy is an individual process and you need to find someone you really connect with. You're going to be sharing personal information about yourself so it's really important to feel comfortable with the counsellor you see. I've created a client checklist to use when seeking a therapist

  1. See a photo - seeing a picture of a potential therapist means you can get an overall sense of what they are like and your ability to work with them

  2. Hear them speak - counsellors should offer prospective clients the opportunity to talk on the phone prior to booking a first session. This gives you the opportunity to get to know them, how they practice, and ask them any questions you may have.

  3. Ask them what type of therapy they practice - This one is really important! There are lots of different types of therapy out there so ensure it's in a way you want to work. Check out the BACP's page on different types of counselling HERE

  4. Ask them where they studied - all qualified therapists will have no issue sharing with you where they trained and what membership bodies they belong to, those that don't may have something to hide.

  5. Speak to a few therapists in your local area - we're all different so the needs of others may not be your own. Set up calls with a few therapists to see what they offer and how they could help you. It's not a competition but you need to ensure you're comfortable before you commit.

  6. Take your time - after an initial consultation with a therapist take some time to reflect on what was discussed and if you think you could work with them. There's no rush and it's all about you.

Therapy is a journey of self discovery, personal growth and reflection. It's a wonderful opportunity to discuss your thoughts & feelings with an impartial person who can provide you with additional tools to move forward. Being with someone you trust, connect with and enjoy working with is a vital tool in the therapeutic process. Please feel free to view the rest of my site, give me a call or send me an email about booking in a free consultation.

Take care

Lauren x

07801 331880

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